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Race Report: Rockin' Rabbit 5k - April 23, 2011 | 1st, 3rd and a New PR

Almost a month ago, I had the hip injury at the Laughlin Half Marathon. Since that time, I have re-evaluated and re-structured many things. I learned the importance of strength training, not only running miles, after miles. I learned the importance of having a team of professionals looking after my training and my medical care.

Today, was a day of many "firsts". The first race (of any kind) since my injury and most importantly, the first time my husband has been able to see me race since the Vegas Half. While my kids go to every race with me, my husband’s work schedule often prohibits him coming along.

And I went back to a familiar place. 6 Tunnels. Seems like God is constantly drawing me to that place, and I don’t mind. I love it out there. It was the race I ran the day after Ladybug passed away. Lake Mead area was the first 5K race I ever ran (January).

Today was a beautiful day. A little windy (not like the no winds of the March race).

Knowing my husband was there, and it was my first race after my injury – I was a little nervous about this race. Okay, no sweat – a 5k, right? Well, injuries and failure can happen in any race. My hope is I wouldn’t fail horribly today. My husband really doesn’t care how well I do, but my concern was my hips might give out on me again and I know he would of gotten into freak-mode if he saw me injured.

The race was put on by Rockin' Runners of Las Vegas. This event was to benefit the American Cancer Society.   Great race day atmosphere!

I warmed up, everything felt fine. Legs felt a little lethargic and tired, but nothing to be concerned about at all.

I had two goals: Finish strong and shoot to break my PR (26:35). I knew the PR was going to be hard to beat – as I wasn’t completely confident my hips were at 100%. I knew every 5K I had run since January, I broke my PR. At some point, the body will have to plateau.Maybe this was the day?

After the gun (aka air horn) goes off, I ran very strong the first mile. Not a pain, not a twinge.

Turn around at 1.5 (after the second tunnel) – I started to feel very tired. I backed off my pace a bit to give me a rest. At that point, I was in 3rd overall with the Women’s. At the turn around, I ran past other women and I knew it would take a lot for them to catch me. However, in my head, I am thinking “26:35 – get to 25”)

Mile 2-3 is always the toughest mile for me, it feels like it goes on FOR-E-EVER. Then the wind gusted up. Crap! So, here I was running head into the wind. Gotta love my luck, huh?

At the last half of a mile, my second wind kicked in and I took off. I honestly don’t think I have ever run so hard in my life. I ran to the Finish Line and the first thought that came to mind “I am going to puke”.

I feel like a real runner now – I wanted to PUKE after a run. Never happened before. Thank you bottle of water for saving the day.

I knew something was up as my husband had timed me and he has this little sheepish grin on his face. After I caught my breath and ensured my breakfast stayed in my stomach – he showed me his stop watch on his phone


I broke 26!

We waited around for the awards, as I thought I would at least place in my Age Division.

Women's Overall Awards, and I placed 3rd! YA-HOO!!!!

Here is the photo of me, the 1st place Finisher and the Event Organizer (2nd place Finisher could not be found at the moment)

Here is the 3rd Place Overall Women's Division trophy: (the medal hanging from the top is what the Finisher Medal looks like)

So, I figured that was it….and they start handing out age awards – and they announce my name as First Place in my Age Division (40-49, Women's)

I finally got my First Place Award!!!!

Here is the Trophy: (isn't it cute?)

Here is me with my two trophies and Finisher Medal (and holding Ladybug's tennis ball):

The best part? Seeing the smiling look on my face of my husband. That was the best award out of them all. Now, he is planning to run his own 5K in the near future.  Love it!

Here is my 5K PR’s since October 2010
October 5K – (training) 32:32
January 5K – Running from an Angel – 28:08
February 5K – Mardi Gras Masquerade – 27: 50
March 5K – 6 Tunnels – 26:35
April 5k – Rockin’ Rabbit – 25:52 (official, not my husband’s timing)

A big thanks to all of you who have shared in this up and down journey this past few months. Your unconditional support has been my Inspiration.  

I especially want to thank, Chi Running and my Chi Running Instructor, Mark Wallis.  Through Chi Running, I have learned so much and now I feel I am headed in the right direction towards my fitness goals (the awards are just added perks!)

I hope everyone has a blessed Passover and/or Easter time this weekend. May God's Richest Blessings be upon you.

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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