Monday, April 11, 2011

Product Review: The Sweet Smell of Yummy Candles | Sugary Treats without the Calories

This review is so large – that I will be splitting it up into two parts

Part 1 – Yummy Candles

No, I am not saying EAT the candles.  But, once you get a whiff of these candles, you will feel like you are devouring your favorite sugary treat – without the calories!

Until recently, I had no idea these candles existed.  So, when they arrived on my doorstep, I was not only surprised but very interested.

Here’s an interesting fact, you may or may not know – take away your sense of smell, and you will loose your ability to taste foods.  

So, having these wonderful smelling candles are truly just like eating them – but let me say it again, without the sugary guilt and calories.  Best of both worlds!

Imagine your house smelling like a yummy Chocolate Bar?  A gooey cinnamon roll?  How about the fresh wonderful taste of Green Apples?

It can happen – check out these candles.  I have tried each and everyone (multiple times) and their fragrances are strong, but not over-powering.  As I type this review, my husband has the Hershey Chocolate Bar with Almonds burning.  I am on the second floor of my house and my office now smells like a yummy chocolate factory.  

Finding these candles online or even at your favorite retail store is as easy as going to the FB pages - be sure to LIKE their page for any product announcements.

Part 2:  Soy Candles in Frosted Glass Jars and Kathy Ireland Candles – coming soon!

*I was not compensated to write this review


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  1. I bet the Jolly Ranchers one smells awesome! I bet the watermelon or cherry smells awesome too!


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