Friday, April 29, 2011

Product Review & GIVEAWAY: Knuckle Lights | "Let There Be Light!"

I am a nighttime runner. That is how I started running a year ago. In order to beat the heat of the Vegas Summers – you have to get up before the worms or after bats are flying from their cave (joking, really)

Nonetheless – when the weather got colder, I begin running in the daytime. Even now, I still prefer to run at night. But, last year – newbie, novice – a "I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I AM DOING" runner – didn’t know how to protect myself during the runs.

Near  my house is a long stretch of road without a light. After running that one time – I decided to carry a flashlight. Yes, I carried a flashlight on my 10+ mile runs, only to be used for about 5 minutes of the run. That lasted about one run.

I then went to a pen light. Well, that worked okay, if I had not dropped it.

Since then, I haven’t run much at night and specially on this one stretch of sidewalk/road.

Recently, I read a few people on talk about “Knuckle Lights

I read the word “light” – and I am immediately intrigued! After a short review of the website,"Knuckle Lights™ are worn on the front of your hands, in a perfect position to light your path and be seen by oncoming traffic during your next run in the dark.  The extra wide flood beams provide a bright, even and steady light, assuring maximum illumination and the best option for your nighttime or early morning runs." 

I contacted the company and they sent me a complimentary set of Knuckle Lights.

Fresh out of the box and putting in the batteries – I turned off the lights in my house and turned on the knuckle lights. Holy cow. Talk about powerful! They are so bright, I was waiting for a foghorn to go off!  :)

They fit strategically on your hand/knuckle and very lightweight!

Now, that I am back to nighttime or early am runs – these are a part of my routine.

The best part – there are several other uses too!

  • Use them to walk your dog (I do!)
  • Use them for your emergency kit (don’t take up much room)
  • Use them for camping
  • Use them while working with tools – much easier to hold than a flashlight. Have you tried to turn a screwdriver while holding a flashlight?

If you are a dark hours athlete – and to Rock n Roll Las Vegas or the ET Midnight Runners – you need these lights!

GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Oh yes, another great giveaway from my blog!

Knuckle Lights has agreed to giveaway one pair of Knuckle Lights!

VERY easy to enter (Must complete Steps 1 AND 2 – the last time I had a giveaway, lots of people entered, but many did not take the step to follow my blog).

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Giveaway Time: Friday, April 29 – Friday, May 6th at 5pmPST

Winner will be notified via email. The winner has 24 hours to reply to the email with the information request. Winner will be announced on Twitter and Facebook with First Name and Last Initital. Void where prohibited.

*I was not compensated to write this product review

Good Luck!

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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  1. Char - you have got to enter me for the knuckle light giveaway. We run at night because that's when the oldest is home to babysit the youngest who is in bed. Our small rural town apparently didn't think to install street lights on any of the back roads (and you can't run on the only road that has lights) so we are always running in the dark. I turn my ipod on so that if a random car drives by, they'll at least see me (my husband will get hit as he doesn't have one)! These would be AMAZING!!

  2. I officially began following your blog today. I have been following it through my Google Reader, but never actually clicked "follow" on here. I have really enjoyed reading your posts! I would love to get the Knuckle Lights! I am definitely an evening runner, and I am forced to use the treadmill due to lack of the right gear for running outside at night. So these would be perfect!!

  3. holy cow, I could love those!! I wear a headlamp now, and it doesn't stay on my head properly!

  4. I'm a night runner! AND I'm running RnR LV. These would be perfect for me!

  5. I run early, early, early and am so sick of my headlamp. These sound so awesome!! I'm so glad I happened across your blog just now. Oh, actually it looks like I'm an hour too late. Well, they're cool anyway and now I'm following your blog, so that's cool too. :) Thanks!

  6. Thank you to all of those who entered the giveaway! Loved reading your comments.

    Winner will be notified via email by Monday, May 9th.

    Good Luck to you all!