Friday, April 15, 2011

Product Review: Clif Bloks | Gummy & Yummy!

I have so much learned since running my first race at the Vegas Half this past December.    

Prior to that race, I had never heard the word “Clif Bars”.

Shortly after the Vegas Half (where I suffered HORRIFIC stomach problems) it was recommended to me to snack on a Clif Bar prior to training runs and races.  Since that time.  Clif Bars have been a staple in my house for snacks. 

When I received a complimentary sample box at my door with the Clif Bloks, I expected the products would be just as good as the Protein Bars, but with a different purpose.

What I discovered is each flavor has a different purpose.  How unique is that?  For example, the Margarita has more sodium to help in electrolyte recovery.  Several of the flavors have caffeine and some do not.

I tried the Margarita one first – during a long run.  I was a little leary about eating anything during a run, but I tried it anyways.

I am happy to report, no stomach issues.  I typically always suck in hard candy on my really long runs, so the Clif Blok gummy texture was a nice change during a run.  

I then moved onto the caffeine free flavors (I removed caffeine from my diet a few months ago) Loved each one. The instructions state to consume 3 for every hour with water.  For me, I found that chewing on 2 was enough (with some water).   I think everyone would have to find what works for them.  

The caffeine flavors?  I gave them to a few of my running buddies who consume caffeine, and they loved them.  In fact, they have been using them on their training runs, too.  

I now take 1 or 2 of the Bloks with me on every run.  

Try them, it’s a nice change of pace and doesn’t leave that sugary after taste that a lot of hard candies can leave in your mouth.


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  1. I am currently training for my first half marathom and my friends who runs them all the time and does triathalons eats these things all the time. She recommended me to have this when i do my half so i would love to win. I ll send you an e-mail. Thanks!!!!

  2. Great post and review. I am a fan of these. I found that if taken during a water stop it helps to break them down without getting "gummy" in your teeth. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Shot Bloks! They do work great on long runs and my favs are the Strawberry & Punch! Great review Charlene!

  4. Thanks for the great comments!

    Scott - great tip. I have never taken the Bloks without water, but I can imagine if an athlete does not, it would be quite sticky.

  5. I haven't tried all of the Clifblok flavors yet, but I've liked all of the ones I've tried. Nice giveaway!

  6. Thanks to everyone who comments and/or entered the giveaway drawing!

    Winner will be announced soon...