Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Great Way to Start The Day | What Happened To Lunch?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

 It charges you up (or not!).  It sets your metabolism and mindset in the right direction.  I remember as early as grade school (40+ years ago) learning about the importance of a good breakfast.

Have I always eaten a good breakfast?  Of course, not.  But, I do now.  I look forward to deciding how I will start my day.  Since I am highly allergic to eggs, I use to feel my options were limited to cereal.  Not that cereal is bad, but it gets boring.

I love Breakfast, now.  So much so, I often will post on my FB Fan Page and ask others to share what they ate.  I usually always get a response.  I love the responses (even if they do make me hungry).

Then…comes lunchtime.  I post on my FB page again and rarely, if ever - does anyone share their lunch menu's.  Hmmmmm

While many start of our day with a great breakfast – we will often take a nose dive at lunch, don't we?
  • Convenience and Fast food is around us
  • We are typically in a lot of hurry, mid-day
  • We really don’t have the time to make a good healthy lunch
  • And my favorite, “what harm will it be to my health if I eat fast food once a day? I eat healthy the rest of the day”

I have heard all the excuses and I have given them all and then some.

How much time are we REALLY saving by going to the fast food joint? 

Driving to the location – waiting in line – and waiting in line – THEN waiting for your food – and THEN having to drive back to your home or office.

After testing this out many times, I realized I was spending 40+ minutes with the drive, waiting in line and driving back to my home/office.  40 minutes?  Even if it was 30 minutes?   Is it really worth it?

Could I convince myself I could not make my own lunch in 30 minutes?

Then, the cost.  That’s a biggie.  Don’t try to convince me that a Mickey D’s #3 (or whatever it is) is cheaper than making a wholesome sandwich, with baked chips and fresh fruit.

So – the next time we start our day with a great breakfast choice – carry that mindset onto lunch.  By the time you start dinner – you would have made two healthy choices today to improve your life.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Breakfast – sets the tone for your day

Lunch – keeps you energized for the rest of the day

Dinner – how we end our day

How do you ensure you eat healthier choices all day long?

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Half-Marathoner, Business Blogger, Public Speaker
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  1. I just said to my wife tonight that I think I want to start the day off with a big bowl of fruit for breakfast to "set the tone." Very timely post for me. :)

  2. Hi David, thanks for your comment.

    Glad you want to start your day in the right, healthy direction. Keep it up through the day, too! Best, Charlene


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