Thursday, April 28, 2011

*CHAR SHARES* - It's Time to Start Unpacking | Start Living

For many years, decorating/painting was my hobby – well, obsession. In recent years, that has fallen by the way side.

We moved in our recent home in 2009. I made a promise to not unpack the home décor nor decorate until we bought our house. Well, here we are 2011 – and we still have not bought the house and my garage was still full of unpacked pictures, candle holders and other items, that we loved.

Then, one day – we decided we had enough. We wanted to LIVE in this house, even if we have not finalized the purchase yet.

Out came the boxes and through that process, we purge over two vehicles full of stuff. Things we no longer wanted and were able to donate to charity.  

Our favorite part – pulling out all the photographs we hang on our picture walls. Memories of good times and loved ones. Some tears, but mostly smiles.

We are now in the middle of an entire house re-do, including painting walls. This is our home, and we want to make it feel that way. 

How many times – have we tucked away life experiences or things in a cardboard box, waiting for that perfect moment to unpack?

Are you always waiting to start - for that perfect opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do?  We all have been there.  There is no perfect time or opportunity. 

>>You can’t succeed until you start<<

Please feel free to share any life stories you have about “unpacking” something in your life to begin enjoying it, again or experiencing something new.

Live and Run Strong,

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