Friday, April 22, 2011

Bondi Band Review and Coupon Code

I live in Vegas, our summer's are sweat-fests.  For me, anytime of the year is a sweatfest.  I can run in the middle of the winter, and my shirt is drenched.  I can run in the coldest of wind - and I have sweat going down my back.  My father had this issue, too.  It's one of the reasons you will see me running in sports bras and little shorts in the summer and why I typically only run at night.

I have tried every trick in the book to keep sweat off my face.  IMy favorite is, using Vaseline that circles around the eye bone (the orbital bone).  That keeps the sweat out of my eyes, beautifully.

But, I needed something keep the sweat off my face, entirely.  I don't know about you, but I dislike sweat running down my neck.  Ewwww!

Many of my online running pals recommended Bondi Bands.  Being that I am a runner/racer who always wears a bandana of some type on runs/races (can't wear a hat, I overheat) - I love the concept of a headband that can keep my hair off my face and keep that sweat away.

Bondi Bands sent me a complimentary band to test.  All I had to do is wear it one time to know I love this product. 

1.  Stays on my head!  Fits snuggly around my head, for the entire run.  It even covers up my ears (which I need to do, due to my allergies and the wind)
2.  I didn't have a drop of sweat fall on my face during a long run, that was mid-day (I purposefully tested this during a potentially really sweaty run)
3. I have the black one, but it is reversible to be Navy Blue

I love this Bondi Band.  It's going to be a staple in my training attire.

Bondi Band has graciously offered two great coupon codes for any online orders.  

What a great gift for any athlete on your giving giving list!  Holidays, Birthdays, Graduation, Good Luck packets to your racer friend and more!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (Savings of $8)

Buy 5 for $25 (Savings $15)

*I was not compensated for this product review
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  1. I'll have to pull out my Bondi Bands. I haven't worn them in quite awhile.

  2. Hi Will - I wasn't sure if I would like them, but after a few good sweaty runs, I am sold. Hope to see you soon!

  3. I have 6 of them. Love them all. Glad your loving them - and glad you had such a successful first run back!

  4. Jeanette - yes, they work great with any hair length. My young sons wear them all the time and they have VERY short hair. The purpose is to keep the sweat off the face and it does just that! :)

  5. Such a great buy--totally recommmend these bands! Love the colors!!


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