Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Benefits of Overtraining | Top 15

We hear over and over the negative impact on over training.  

Injury, fatigue, mental burnout, overhall health declines.  

But, there are benefits to over training, too!  Here is a quick list:

1.       While you are recouping from your injuries, you get sympathy from your co-workers. 
2.       In addition, you will receive A LOT of advise on how to recoup and heal, especially from non-runners
3.       During your time off, you will be able to catch up on your favorite TV shows. 
4.       During your time off, you don’t have to worry about your training diet.  You aren’t running anyways, so indulge away!
5.       You can play video games. 
6.       You can read a book or a magazine. 
7.       You save the battery on your Garmin, since you won’t be using it for awhile
8.       You save the battery on your iPod (same reason as the Garmin)
9.       You save wear and tear on your running shoes (same reason as the Garmin and iPod)
10.   You save money.  Won’t need to enter any races
11.   You save even more money – no need to buy new training gear
12.   You won’t have to worry about carb loading pre-race
13.   You won’t have race day jitters
14.   No need to worry about what you will do with another race day bib or finisher medal. You have enough, right?
15.   You don’t have to worry about logging your mileage – no mileage to log.

So, next time you think overtraining is a bad thing – think again.  You save time, money and maybe you can take up a hobby
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