Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I ran 15 miles, not 10

This past Tuesday, I had run 11 miles (two runs in one day). However, with the Laughlin Half next week (13.1), I felt I needed to get another long run in this week.

I set out to run 10 miles this morning. Mile 2-3, downhill - at mile 4-5 is up a hill. At this point in the training course, I am typically ready to head back home. When I reached the top of the hill, I was not as fatigued as I typically am.

I decided to keep running (not turn around and head home). At 5.5 – the pavement had a rocky trail next to it. I hopped off and ran that trail. First, I do love trails. Second, Laughlin is a trail.

Keep in mind, I was focusing on form and putting miles in. So, I purposefully brought my pace down to around 10:00. (Hush to all of those naysayers who said I am being whimpy!)

As I reached 6.5 (turn around and that would make it 13 miles), I decided to keep going, still on the trail. That’s when the wind kicked in. With a very swift kick. I kept running. I reached 7.5 miles (turn around would make it 15).

I turned around and headed back on that trail with even stronger winds. You know how it is, right?

-Reached Mile 10 – downhill (I love downhills)
-Reached Mile 13.1 at 2:11:57
-At that point, body was ‘okay, enough already!’ – but I had to get home.
-Mile 13.1 – 14.3 – up a HILL
-The rest of the course was flat

Why did I run 15 and not 13.1? Simple. 


Why only train for the minimum? If you want to run 13.1 on a race? Run that distance every week – so when you walk up to the start line on race day. Your race is just another long run. THAT my blogger friends, is the advise that my trainer gave me on the Vegas Half. It’s advise I am glad I listened to her.

She now tells me to train for longer miles, so “13.1 is a piece of cake”

So, that’s what I did. I ran 15. Not about speed it was about putting in the miles and working on my form. Building my endurance and cardio.

I have no expectations (for myself) of the Laughlin Half. It is my first Half race since the Vegas Half. The Vegas Half is flat, no wind and pavement. Laughlin is flat, rocky and wind. No comparison. 

I have something to prove to ME – that Vegas was not a fluke. I can finish a Half marathon race, feeling strong.

At least I know I can run 15, should they decide to expand the course *wink*

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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