Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Do I Have Two FB Pages? | Privacy and Content

Some have asked why I have a Running/Working out FB Fan Page and a Personal FB Profile Page?

Several reasons I have  two FB pages -

1. My personal profile page is just that, personal.    Last year, I had thousands of “friends” on my list. No more, I have scaled it back to those I know either online or offline. I am collecting FB Friends.  I have personal pictures of my life, kids, pets, etc. I don’t want the whole world to see. No offense to anyone, but it’s not for public viewing.

2. Not everyone on my personal profile page wants to know everything I do during my workouts, nor cares about the links on a healthy lifestyle. I can respect that and that does not diminish my friendship with them, either!  While I will post some information, links, pictures – I do limit the posts on my personal profile page about my workouts. I do have more to my life than my training *smile*

3. For those who do want to know about my training and lifestyle choices, but I don’t know them well enough to have them on my personal profile page, I created the FB Fan Page. That way we can keep in touch and share insights and ideas, too. On my FB Fan Page, I post links and information that others might find useful for their own life, it’s not just about me and my running/training

It serves both purposes, without privacy concerns or bombarding my FB friend list with posts they have no desire to see.

Thanks to all of those who are on FB Friend List and those who have joined my FB Fan Page.  All of you are appreciated and I enjoy the interactions with you!

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