Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Real Cost of Racing | An Unscientific View

Just yesterday, Rock and Roll Series made the announcement that this year’s Las Vegas Full/Half will be at night. Here is a link 

This is brought up the yearly complaining of the prices of this race being too high.

I decided to do some math, to determine how expensive this sport can be for someone like me, who plans to run 11+ races this year, including the RnRLV in December.

Before I share with you my own observations and conclusions, I think athletes need to realize that we are participating in a competitive sport, but it also serves as some form of entertainment for us. Afterall, if we didn’t enjoy our sport – why bother? Why would I put my body through 25-30 miles of training each week, if I didn’t ENJOY running and race days? There are a multitude of other ways to stay healthy, don’t you agree?

With that mindset of Entertainment.
I live in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Vegas. I know and see the amount of money that locals (people who live in Vegas) spend each week. I have friends who go out every week, whether it be going out to eat, movies, clubs, etc. When you do go out to meet with friends, movies, etc – do you add up your entertainment costs? Most of us don’t, do we?

My guess is that we can spend an easy $50/week or even up to $100/week in Entertainment. I bet a lot of us have done that and don’t even realize it.

So, with those numbers – let’s look at $50 x 52 weeks in a year = $2600/year, or let’s say you spend $75/week = $3900/year and even at $100/week = $5200/year.

Do we fight the restaurant, bar, clothes store, etc if we feel the prices are too high?  No, we just choose not to eat, shop or party there.   Why?  It is of value to you.  Your values are yours, my values are mine.  Keep that in mind.

Next, I added the registration costs of all my scheduled races and the RnRLV in December (basing it on the $145 registration from last year). My total race costs = just under $800. I also have two destination races (away from Vegas) – which adds up to travel costs = $500. Let’s add the cost of my shoes, per year = just under $300.

Here is my basic costs to run these races:

$800 race fees
$500 travel
$300 shoes

Total = $1600 (and that is averaging HIGH)
Going out every week for $50 = $2600

You do the math.

And that is for 11 races. If I was running less amount of races, all expenses would come down, including my shoes, as I would not need to train 25-30 miles every week, right?

What it gets down to is choice and what is of value to me. If I have to give up buying a new pair of earrings or shirt or going out with friends so I can pay for a race that I CHOOSE. Then, that is certainly my choice. Those who choose not to race the RnRLV because of cost, I respect your decision – but overall, the cost is really not that high compared to other entertainment options.

To those who think Running/Racing is too expensive – Think again. Decide what is really important to you and then adjust your budget. You can come to Vegas and have a great time in our city – VERY cheap. I know, I did it as a visitor, many years ago.

If you choose not to run the RnRLV because of cost or whatever reason, you will be missed.

If you have chosen to run the RnRLV,  I look forward to welcoming you to my city and running with you as we enjoy the lights and sounds of The Strip.

Most importantly, I look forward to my return to RnRLV, even if I have to save up several jars of coins to pay for it.

It is worth it to me

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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