Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Product Review and *GIVEAWAY* iFitness Double Pouch Belt

A few weeks ago, I received a complimentary iFitness Double Pouch Belt for review.

I was interested in this product because of their claim of being waterproof (I sweat A LOT around my waist), lightweight and doesn’t bounce. I was very excited to be able to test it out.

It arrived on a perfect day, it was my long run day. For me, that means 11-13 miles. No better time to test a belt. Can it do as it claims for a Half Marathon? (my distance of choice)

It certainly did

1. It is waterproof. I had my Droid and other items in my pouch and while I sweated and sweated, all my contents stayed dry
2. It never bounced or anything annoying on my run
3. It was very comfortable and lightweight. I barely noticed it was around my waist

My next run was a 5K at race tempo. I was anxious to see if it could wishstand the quicker movements of speed work.

And once again, it did not fail me

I have worn many belts in the past year. This is a great belt, i really like it

How much does it hold? A picture below shows you what I put in my iFitness Double Pouch Belt .
(My Droid phone, ID/CC, chapstick, keys, hard candy and tissue)

GIVEAWAY!  It's real easy!

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2.  COMMENTS you are interested in being in the contest giveaway – your name will be in the drawing for a FREE, yes – a FREE iFitness Belt. This will be sent to you directly from iFitness.

The contest period begins March 16th runs thru March 30th at 5pmPST

BONUS: If a friend of yours 1) subscribes to my blog, 2) comments they want to be in the giveaway and 3) mentions you as the referrer – YOU receive another entry to the giveaway. NO LIMITS! You can refer as many people as you want.

Don’t forget to join their on Facebook page. Lots of great content!

Whether you are the winner or buy this belt, you will be glad this is a part of your training gear. It has been with me on every run and race day since I received it.

Thank you, iFitness!

*I have not been compensated for this review
Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Half-Marathoner, Business Blogger, Public Speaker & Hosts IMPACT Radio Channel
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  1. I am interested in being entered in the contest giveaway! I have been looking at these belts all week and trying to decide whether to get one or not! Your blog definately reassured me that I want to get one! :) Thanks.

  2. I'd love to be entered in the giveaway!

  3. I would love to win one of the these to wear during the Indy Mini! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  4. Thanks for entering my Blog Giveaway!

    If you have not done so, please ensure you are subscribing/following my blog to be eligible.

    Don't forget to refer your friends (they must mention you as the referrer) to receive more entries.

    Good luck to all! I can't wait to see who wins!

  5. I've been looking for something just like this!

  6. I just subscribed to your blog! Love that you ran 15! Just did a 13.1 race today too!

    Would love to be entered into the iFitness belt giveaway! Thanks so much!

  7. Nice! I keep hearing good things about these belts and would love to try one for my races. I'd like to enter to the giveaway.

    I'm following your blog now!

  8. Love to win one of these. Come in very handy!
    yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

  9. Not sure where to "subscribe" or to "follow" on your blog.

    yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

  10. I am following your blog!

    I'd love to win the belt. I definitely would like to have a waterproof roomy pouch!

  11. I'm not sure how to subscribe to your blog but I just added you to my Google RSS reader!! I would love to win the iFitness warmer-weather running shorts don't have pockets and I need a place for my phone & stuff, and I've read nuthin'-but-good about the iFitness belts. :-)