Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's True - My Kids Don't Like Fast Food

We have a standing rule/policy in our house at mealtime. Eat what is in front of you, or nothing at all. We are not a restaurant, you do not get to pick and choose your meals.

About this time last year, we started to transition away from the Mickey D’s, KFC etc. Two-fold reason. 1) COST! 2) Quality (or shall I say, the lack-thereof)

The kids didn’t complain as I made homemade burgers and fries at home (all baked on our NuWave Oven, of course). They named them “Mommy McBurgers and Mommy McFries”.

This past September, while our house plumbing was being overhauled. Hubby drove down to Mickey D’s to pick up dinner. Our kids took one bite, and would not eat it. I couldn’t even eat the salad he brought home.

That was a Lightbulb moment for me. The kids REALLY do like our focus on healthier living and food.

Then…this past week, our youngest (10 yrs old) came home from school. Apparently, he got in an argument with a classmate that our cooking tastes better than McDonald’s.

Here is how my conversation went with my son:

Me: “what was the kid eating or talking about?”
Son: “an Egg McMuffin. I think they are NASTY!”
Me: “well, understand that at one time, you didn’t think they were nasty. Your friend doesn’t know anything different, you cannot get mad at him for that – now, can you?”
Son: “no”
Me: “go back to school tomorrow and tell him about what I do with Mommy McBurgers and FF’s and invite him over for dinner sometime and he can try it himself, if he wants to”
Son: “oh yea! He will love THAT! And mom, I am glad you and Dad pay attention to our health. I sure like the food better and I feel healthier, too”

That, my blogging friends – is the true testimony of the importance of health.

A child notices how he feels? Of course, they do – but we as parents will opt for the easy road (or we think it is the easy road) for food. I can make a complete meal in less time (and of course, money) than it takes to go to McDonald’s, order and bring it home. THAT is fast-food. I find it more work & effort to get in my car and go get the food and then come back and then eat.

Thanks to my son who had the courage to stand up for what he believes in…I am sure we will have a dinner guest very soon.

Live and Run Strong,

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  1. That is an amazing story! We spend a few weeks on fast food and watch Supersize Me in my health class that I teach. That is so awesome that he learns about healthy eating (and living, for that matter) so early in life all because of his parents. I wish some of my students had parents who believe in and teach healthy living at home.

  2. Hi Sheina, thanks for your comment. What is sad, is that we are taught to believe that fast food IS healthy. I did.

    We are also taught that healthy is expensive, time consuming and doesn't taste good.

    We know that not to be true, right?


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