Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: "Greetings Happy People" by Jesse Oakley, III

Not too long ago, I received a complimentary (and autographed!) copy of a book, authored by my friend, Jesse Oakley, III.

I met Jesse in 2009, when I first joined Toastmasters. I quickly learned, that he was referred to as “Mr. I-I-I” and loved Strawberries.

A caring, warm and professional man, I am not surprised he wrote a book. He has an inspiring way with words.

His book, “Greetings Happy People” did not disappoint me. A quick and easy read full of inspiring stories and lessons taken from his own life experiences.

Each Chapter has it’s own topic – Courage, Beauty, Choices, Hope and Lessons.

Each Chapter showing a very personal side of Mr. I-I-I and how his life has transformed. Most importantly, he encourages you to learn the same lessons he has learned.

My favorite story in the book? “When Jesse Met Dana” in the Courage Chapter.

Thank you, Jesse for a great book – one that I will pick up from time to time to receive your motivation and inspiration.

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*I was not compensated to write this review
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