Thursday, February 3, 2011

SuperBowl Tips for Pizza and Snack Chips

Well, it's a bittersweet time in the Ragsdale household.

The Big Game is this Sunday - YEAH!
It's the End of Football Season - BOO!

Nothing compares to SuperBowl.  Regardless of the team, we love watching the game.  Of course, the entertainment (aka the Commericals!) make it fun during the breaks.

I remember the year our team went to the SuperBowl - 1999, TN Titans.  Nothing is more exciting than living in a town with a SuperBowl team (win or loose!).  Good luck to all the Steelers and Packer fan.  Enjoy YOUR Day!

I thought i would share with you some tips to make healthier food choices for that day - while satisfying the hunger of the day.

Pizza.  Yes, Pizza.  Most would not consider Pizza a healthy alternative.  Well, it's not - but you can make it healthier.

1.  Limit your slices to 2-3 - don't eat the entire pizza
2.  Think about your toppings.  Ask for Less Cheese and More Sauce.  This will save you some serious calories while bumping up the flavor
3. Don't put food in front of you and the TV.  Leaving food in front of you will make you graze and add unwanted calories.  Keep the food in the kitchen or at a table away from the couch and chairs.  This requires someone to get up to get their food.  Trust me, this makes a BIG difference. 

Here are some alternatives and comparison to the typical pizza choice:

Large Pepperoni and Sausage pizza - 410 calories per slice 

Large Grilled Chicken, Tomatoes and Onions - 360 per slice...

Better yet, order the Pizza Thin Crust and the calories drop by 70 calories per slice to 290 per slice

By switching to a thin crust with the grilled chicken, onions and tomatoes vs the peperoni/sausage pizza - you save 360 calories for 3 slices, that's 120 per slice!


Onto Wings...Buy the bag at the grocery store (cheaper!) with no sauce.  Buy a bottle of low fat, low calorie Italian Dressing or Regular BBQ sauce (read the labels), marinate the chicken and BAKE them at home.  Preferably on a rack (so the drippings go down) or use your NuWave Oven.  Bake not fry.


Next on the Menu - CHIPS!  My favorite.  I could snack and graze all day.  I don't have a sweet tooth but I have  "salt tooth" (is there such a thing?)

Bake your chips.  You can make these ahead of time and seal in an airtight container for the game or other snacking time.  Here is a great recipe

If cooking isn't your style - then buy a bag of Lay's Baked Chips.


What about dipping sauces?  Hands down - the obvious choice is Salsa.  Again, read the labels.  Make sure it is full of tomatoes.  Salsa provides a great punch of flavor without adding too many calories and very little fat.

I hope everyone has a Great Super Sunday!  Enjoy the day.  Let the focus be sharing the game with your loved ones - not ONLY the food. 

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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