Monday, February 28, 2011

Life is full of Marathon Moments

I almost 2 months I will be celebrating my One Year Running Anniversary – (details forthcoming)…in the past 10 months – a whole new world has been open to me.

I have learned that life is full of “Marathon Moments”, if you let it be

This past weekend, my sons and I had the chance to watch my husband achieve a goal he had- to participate in a cooking competition.

He has been in the Culinary field from a Truck Stop, Fast Food, “Meat & 3” Diner to the busiest restaurant on the Vegas Strip. A year ago, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a Chef. I have never seen him happier with his job.

Awhile back – the opportunity came up for him and his staff to create a menu and cooked for hundreds of people at a local Cooking Competition, Gourmet Grazer.

As the days drew closer in preparation, I sensed he was thinking “why are we doing this? This is going to be a pain in the butt!”

I reminded him several times, “you are preparing for a race – as I have prepared for mine. Leading up to it – tapering, deciding what to wear, race plan, diet, carb load and also LIFE, you begin to wonder why you put in all the effort, is it REALLY worth it? As you cross the finish line – you realize it was worth it and you will do it, again! This is YOUR Marathon Moment and the Finish Line is close. Enjoy the journey”

As the day of the competition begin – he prepped food for close to 10 hours before the competition. (talk about pre-race prep, huh?). Talk about dedication!

The doors open to the event and when I walked in – I was in AWE of their food set up and what they had to offer. Here are some pictures:

In the end – they competed against some of the best chef’s on the Vegas Strip. The journey to this day did not begin (for my husband) a few months ago) – it begin when he was 16 yrs old working at a Truck Stop and serving Krystal Hamburgers during a graveyard shift.

Who won? I guess by now, you know – that my husband and his crew won the competition!

As I stood up to take their victory picture –

my husband struck this pose, which is now called “The Ragsdale Victory pose” (look familiar to my race day pictures? )

To my husband, you set a goal – so long ago and here you are...

Champion and a Finisher of YOUR “Marathon” Moment. I love you and I am so proud of you!

Congrats to you ALL! (now, feed me – I am hungry!)

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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