Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nothing Like Freshly Baked Bread

As our family has done a complete turn around in our eating habits this past year, we have endeavored to find different ways to eat that provides optimal health results - while also cutting down on costs.

I love to save money.  The one way I can control that is through our food bill.  We will take more time and energy - if it saves us money - but, we will not compromise our food quality.

We have been purchasing very organic, whole grain wheat bread for sometime now.  Often buying it for $2-$4 a loaf.  We love bread in our household.  Morning Toast, School lunches and even use the Bread for our homemade Turkey Burgers.

To say we eat a lot of bread - well, that's an understatement.

For our family of 4 - we typically go through a loaf a day, maybe slightly less, depending on our evening menu of the week.

Recently, I added up the cost of how much money we are spending on bread.  $50-$78/month on bread.  ON BREAD!

So, my husband and I discussed the option to buy another bread machine.  We never had luck with our previous models and quite frankly, the loaves are too small.

We have one of those stand up mixer we use for many other food items, like home made granola bars.

We buy a few bread loaf pans to test out, if we can in fact make bread, the old fashioned way.


And the cost?  10 cents a loaf!   Which means we can make an entire months of bread for less than $3, total.  Best part - we control the ingredients! 

Kids loved the experience and with our big KitchenAid standing mixer - it wasn't that hard.

I will be posted some of our experimental recipes to share with you, from time to time.

Any of you bake bread?  I would love to learn of your experiences and recipes...

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