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My recipe for Healthier, Homemade Nachos

It’s no secret our family has a love affair with our NuWave Oven 
I do not work for NuWave, in anyway – k?

We bought our NuWave this past May.  From our first meal to last nights dinner.  
 It is used 2-3 times a day in our house.

It has transformed the way we cook our food.  It cooks faster, 
it saves energy and gas and it TASTES better!  

Take it from me – my husband is a Chef on the Vegas Strip and he uses it everyday.  He loves it

Since I began my running training – I have endeavored to turn ordinary and typical family meals into something healthier.  We now have kids who REFUSE to eat at McDonald’s or any other fast food place as they do not like that greasy crap in their bodies.  The burgers and fries we make – are all baked and our kids have namedthem 
“Mommy McBurgers and Mommy McFries”
(cute, huh?)

I make Chicken nuggets and Strips – they adore and often want seconds & thirds.
We make macaroni and cheese – all baked with natural cheeses
We even use it as our Toaster for morning toast

My biggest dilemma is we love to snack.  Oh yes, Charlene loves her chips!  So…it dawned on me awhile back – that I use to make homemade tortilla nacho chips in the deep fryer (which we have not used since May!)

Why not try to bake them?

And I did – and boy, did they turn out yummy!  And so much less mess (thank you!)

Well – one could say that we eat a lot of chicken, fish, turkey burgers and tuna.  Sometimes we just have to change it up.

So, the other night – I was making snack chips – and I thought, “why not try nachos?”  It has meat and vegetables

I baked the chips – browned turkey meat and added vegetables.  It’s very simple!

Nachos became our dinner that night and it was MUCH healthier than one would imagine.

Below is a brief step by step recipe of how I made my nachos.  Size and exact measurements are eyeballed to your preference.  Try it a few times to see what you family likes.

As we get closer to Super Bowl Sunday (oh yes!) – this is also a great game day appetizer

Enjoy and let me know how yours turns out

Step 1:
Use Corn or better yet, WHEAT Tortillas.  Do not use Flour Tortillas.

Cut them into the chip size you want with a pizza cutter.  Don’t use a knife – it can tear the tortillas.  Make sure the tortillas are not frozen!

Step 2 :
You will bake the tortillas in 3 batches.  Don’t try to do it ALL at once – won’t work and then you wasted your entire batch of tortilla, which is a waste of money

Put 1/3 of your tortillas into a large mixing bowl.  LIGHTLY drizzle olive oil or vegetable to LIGHTLY coat the tortillas chips.  Mix around with your hand is best, so you can ensure the oil is spread all over.  

Next:  Add a little salt – mix up again, with your hands to coat
Next:  Sprinkle Garlic POWER all over – mix up again, with your hands to coat
Next:  Add a LITTLE black pepper – mix up again, with your hands to coat
Next:  Add a LITTLE chili powder – mix up again, with your hands to coat.  The chips should turn slightly orange.  Add more if that has not happened and mix up again

Step 3 (in the NuWave Oven – will have to adjust if you are using a regular oven)

Turn your 4” rack upside down

Place a SINGLE layer of chips on the rack.  If you overlap the chips – they won’t bake, in fact, they get mushy

Place the 1” race on top of that and add another layer

Cook at 10 minutes – HIGH power

Check the chips – they should be CRISPY brown (but not burnt).  If they are not – cook in 2 minute intervals until they are crispy brown.  When finished baked – take out of the NuWave Oven and set aside.

Repeat Step 3 until all the chips are baked

While they are cooking – get your Turkey meat ready.  I often will use the Turkey patties to make ground meat.  But we never use red meat in our house anymore.  You can also use pulled chicken or chicken cubes if you wish.  Experiment with your favorite healthy meat.

Step 4:

Once the meat is brown add a can of LOW SODIUM yellow corn, Black Beans and Kidney Beans with the juices to the mix.  The juices add more flavor to the meat.  Cook until done
I also add some salsa (yes, while cooking, not as a topping)

Step 5:
In the NuWave Linear Pan: 
First layer:  chips
Second layer: meat/vegetable mixture
Third layer:  LIGHTLY sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and low-fat cheddar
Fourth layer:  chips
Fifth layer:  meat/vegetable mixture
Sixth layer:  LIGHTLY sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and low-fat cheddar

Step 6:
Carefully place in NuWave on HIGH for 5 minutes
Check – if cheese is not melted – keep cooking in 2 minute intervals

Step 7:
Enjoy with some low-fat Sour Cream or other healthy condiments

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Half-Marathoner, Business Blogger, Public Speaker & Hosts IMPACT Radio Channel
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