Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving Forward...

I hope all had a great week, last week - and moving forward to a healthy new week

Last week, I reached a milestone - I ran for 32 miles.  My original goal was 30, so true-to-Charlene-form...I had to beat that goal by just a little bit

My friend and trainer took me out to 6 Tunnels.  It is close to Lake Mead and the now unused tunnels were once the transport for the trains that took supplies to build Hoover Dam.

Our run took us to the top of the suspension bridge overlooking Hoover Dam.

It wasn't an easy run (aka TRAIL) but it wasn't brutally hard either.  Calves hurt the next day from the hills.  But, overall - had a great time with Debi and will be doing that at least once a week until March.

As some of you may know from Twitter - I am on the Social Media Team for Christopher Lowell (the TV interior designer) and I am busy working with him and his Management Team this week at Vegas World Market Center.  I will be blogging about that later on in the week.

Last night, I wore heels.  Not much of a big deal, as I wear heels quite often - but by the time I got home - I noticed a strange sensation in my upper quad/groin area.  I am pretty sure I know what happened as one time my foot slipped and my legged tweaked outward.  It didn't feel so bad at that time, but you know how it goes the next morning!

This morning - MAJOR pain.  This is not soreness - this is bona fide - OUCH

So, for the first time since July - I am going to take a few days off from running due to what I believe is an injury.  I have an incredible sports massage therapist that I will try to get in to see her Thurs or Fri.  It's one of those times, I know I need to stay off my running legs.  I am good with that.

As far as ChiRunning, I can say without a doubt it is changing the way I am approaching running.  Things are started to click and I am going to register for the live class in March so I can have someone watch my form and give me corrections. 

Yesterday, I made baked cheese/tomato sandwiches for lunch (instead of the greasy grilled cheese) and they turned out great.   Will post a recipe soon.

I will blog at the end of the week...


Live and Run Strong,

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