Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Story of a Photo and Twitter

Today is 6 days since #RnRLV – in many ways, it feels like it happened yesterday – but the truth of the matter – it feels like it happened months ago. So much leading up to it and then it’s over in 2 hours.

Since the half marathon, I have ran two 5 miles and two one-hour strength training sessions. I decided it was time for me to run a 10K (6.2 miles). Next week, I start back up with my longer mileage.

Anyways….last night, I ordered a print of one of my Race Day photos to put in the frame I purchased at the Expo.

This morning, I receive a message from that same photo place, informing me my photo is ready for pick up.

I thought, “strange, I already received the confirmation email last night – uhh, it must be a duplicate”

And then I saw the order:
“8 x 10 Colllage”

I didn’t order an 8 x 10 and I certainly didn’t order a Collage!

And then I saw the name who ordered it

It wasn’t me
Name didn’t sound really familiar

So, I was confused – figured it was a mistake

I went to the photo place to pick up my 4 x 5 photo and they handed me an 8 x 10 Collage of photos of MY race day.

Me >> confused

I asked what this is from (I was thinking I had LOST my mind, as I didn’t remember ordering it!)

They informed me it was prepaid by (name of person) in (city and state)

Then, I instantly knew who it was from!

It was one of my Twitter Pals!

On the photo envelope was her phone number so, I immediately called my Twitter Pal

You see folks, I had never met her (we never did connect at the Expo) and we had never spoke on the phone.

Our conversations were limited to the 140 characters via Twitter and Private DM’s.

How did she know where I lived? At one time, I told her the basic area where I lived.She happened to know that area (she has friends in Vegas) and was able to know which of the photo places is closest to my house. Smart cookie!

She took my pictures from my FB album (she is also on my FB Page) - and made this incredible and thoughtful collage.  

In this conversation – she asked that her name nor Twitter ID will not be revealed, which I will honor that request.

However, this good gesture could not go un-noticed by me

A complete stranger – understood the importance of that day to me.

I am touched that she (or anyone!) would take her time to put together such a momento of that day, for ordinary me.

To those who think Twitter is a waste of time – they are wrong. This is just another story how two people can connect on the social media platform.

I am grateful, so very grateful for the lives I have encountered in this Wellness Journey of mine…thank you for your thoughtfulness and walking this journey with me!

Here is the Collage from my Twitter Pal:

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Half-Marathoner, Business Blogger, Public Speaker & Hosts IMPACT Radio Channel
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  1. That is so cool. What a wonderful gesture. Needless to say I, too, am grateful to Twitter!

  2. I too am sorry we did not get to connect. Perhaps next year as I will be back. That is an awesome collage and a great idea. Congrats again on your race.

    ...Dawn aka PinkChick


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