Monday, December 13, 2010

RnRLV Swag/Gear Check Bag

There seems to be quite a debate on Twitter and FB about the #RnRLV Swag/Gear Check Bag - so I thought I would chime in and post my thoughts

  • Looking back on the information provided to us from the website - it was stated it was a Gear (Check) Bag.  However, in the Final Information it did say it was a Swag Bag.  I have been through so many Exhibitions in my Event Planning career - I have never expected anything from these bags.  I see these bags as a way to carry information and samples you collect.  I think they should just change the name to "Gear Check Bag" and not say SWAG, as it does lend itself to believe there will be a collection of freebies in the bag.
  • Wanted free samples of goodies in the bag?  Well - I was overloaded with samples walking around the Expo.  Didn't make a difference to me if it was in my Bag or at the Expo.  
  •  This is my first race experience, I didn't expect much - and grateful for the opportunity to run the race.   I paid my registration fee based on running a race, not my SWAG or not even what my medal would look like.  I registered to run.  While I respect others will disagree - I find if I don't expect, I am not disappointed. 
I know other races have other SWAG bags - but every race is different.  When I am registering, I consider all that is offered, but most importantly - I look for the opportunity to run.

As I said, I am new to this world - but I will give up the "swag bag" in a heartbeat - just for the fun and opportunity to run in a race with 28K of my closest friends  :)

Live and Run Strong,

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  1. There was some mini-mini-swag in there. Like a few bars and some samples of ointment and stuff. Mostly brochures for stuff and other races.


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