Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's All in My Head!

When I began my running journey 6 months ago – I ran alone.  Well, except for the multiple times I headed to the park with my kids.  As they played, I ran – laps upon laps.

Around July – I met my neighbor who is a runner.  I mean – GREAT runner.  She runs halves at a 7:00 pace.  Good grief.  At the time, her and I met – I was at the 12:00/mile mark – IF I was lucky.

Around that same time – I joined my running club, which meets weekly

I continued to run alone – unless I was at the running club (Wednesday evening)


My neighbor – OH, so politely asked me again and again to run with her and her other running friends.  I would of accepted a LONG time ago – one problem:

They start running at 5:15

About a month before the RnRLV Half – I did run a quick 4 miles with her – AT 5:15AM.  It was COLD and that was the first sign of my hammie troubles.  I did not enjoy it.  Love my neighbor – but I don’t like running at 5:15AM. 

The emotional block I have to RUN at 5:15AM in the morning – is truly a head game.  I hate mornings, I hate cold – so when it’s a cold morning – it’s a bad combo.

Then – my husband had a change of schedule – and I knew she and her running friends run every Saturday AM.

Oh, glorious ME – I accept the invitation to run with the “gals” on Saturday AM at 5:15AM

I think the RnRLV Half gave me too much confidence

The day before the early morning run  – I bought my new and MUCH needed arch supports.  YAY – Happy Feet, & Shins again!

The night before I see the weather report – Calls for Sprinkles, Rain and WIND


So, I get up at 4:30am – grab a quick bite of protein bar (I cannot run on an empty stomach) and head out the door at 5:15.  Me, my neighbor and another friend

Destination:  8 miles “ish”  (I am always leery of the “ish” – aren’t you?)

As soon as we put our foot on the pavement to run the first steps – WOOSH the wind kicks in…and here we are running down the middle of a wide street.  I reach 1.5 miles – I already wanted to go home!

The other runners are significantly younger than me and my brain is still back in bed and my legs…are in bed with my brain

We carry on – and on- and on…turning home – inclines, hills, or whatever else is annoying me at the moment.

So, I am taking it at a 10 min/mile pace.  Still feeling the twangs of pain from the skin splits – I pull back, but still within the reach of the other two gals.

I take off my gloves, I put my gloves back on
I take off my ear muffs, I put my ear muffs back on
I unzip my jacket, I zip my jacket

Does anyone else have these clothing issues?  My body never stays at a constant temperature – and I feel like I am dressing and udressing all the time

So – we finally finish – shins are twanging and I go inside.
I ice, I use hot pads – and my brain is still snoozing up in my bed! 

I feel like I just ran 8 miles “ish” – through an out of body experience.    This 8 miles was tougher than the 10 miles I did the other day.  Huh?

After a few hours for me to thaw out and get my kids up for the day. 

I realize, I did not push myself – and I should of.  Yea, I should of.  Yes, I sweated – but there is a difference between a run and a “jog”.  Yep, I was the jogger of the group. 

So – tomorrow, I have committed to run – to do something, I have NEVER done – run in the rain.  Well, I will run even if it isn’t raining – but, I am ready to run in the rain – should it happen.

They say if you want to build mental toughness – put yourself in situations that require you to build your mental strength.

That’s what I am going to do.  Mental Toughness Training

I have lots more Finisher Medals to receive.

Here is a great article about Mental Toughness for Runners 

Live and Run Strong,

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